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          Have you ever been so high that you couldn’t feel your eyebrows, even when you physically touched them? If not, try smoking Moonrock, and I guarantee you’ll get there. Two months after the first time I smoked them, I was still unable to locate my facial features. (Worth it, by the way.)

What are moon rocks?

          The origin of moon rocks (the weed kind) is a bit fuzzy, but rumors abound that the dispensary Starbudz760 first concocted them, with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularizing the product and trademarking his own version called Kurupt Moonrock.

            Moon Rocks are a THC megazord. They are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. Historically, GSC has been used, but any strain will suffice.

How potent are moon rocks?

               Though the potency of each batch of moon rocks varies and depends on how it’s made and who produces it, the general consensus is that they hover around 50% THC. For reference, most flowers average around 20% THC. Each hit is damn close to its own experience.


They will get you super duper high

Cost effective—just like dabs, a little bit goes a long way

Great for medical patients or other folks who want a high dose of THC

They’re a fun novelty and good conversation-starter


They will get you super duper high (not always a good thing for everyone)

They’re messy—most people smoke them in glass; you can roll them in a joint or blunt, but don’t put them in a grinder

Keep them in a cool, dry place; you don’t want them getting all melty on you