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Vape Pen & Cartridges

        Today, users have a seemingly limitless array of choices, and here at Exotic Cartel, it is our mission to maintain a large inventory of all of our Vape Pen & Cartridges products. We have witnessed an increased interest in reusable shatter pens, dab pens, and BHO vape pens and, as such, aim to provide the best of the best in the world of both pens and waxes/concentrates.

       Consuming THC through reusable shatter pens, dab pens, and BHO vape pens has a few distinct advantages over other traditional means of enjoyment. Vaporizers, in general, do an excellent job of preserving and enhancing the flavor of the marijuana being consumed.

        Additionally, as reusable shatter pens, dab pens, and BHO vape pens heat the product to a higher temperature, the vapor you are inhaling is generally less damaging to your lungs than the smoke you would more typically breathe in by smoking a joint or bowl.