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112 Grams (QP)

224 Grams (HP)

448 Grams (P)

Gelato strain is a new and innovative type of cannabis that’s been used to boost the health benefits for those who suffer from pain, anxiety, migraines.

Gelato is a strain of cannabis that produces an uplifting, euphoric feeling. This bud has sweet sherbet and blueberry flavors with orange as well to give it a little kick.

It’s perfect for people who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms because the gel-like consistency helps soothe muscles intensely while the strong THC

content provides relief from inflammation or brain fog caused by headaches/migraines or lack of sleep.

You may be surprised by hearing this but gelato strains exists! It was developed as an alternative form of treatment for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Gelato strains are bred without THC in order to create only CBD which has no psychoactive effects so you can take it day after day at your own pace when it comes to dosage amounts.