CBD Starter/Calm Variety Pack


CBD Starter/Calm Variety Pack

Our tasty, high-quality CBD Calm Gummies 300mg3000 mg of CBD Isolate in Blueberry MCT Oil Spray, and our best-selling CBD Calm Disposable Vape, 800mg of pure CBD, have all been combined together so you can experience all the different benefits they have to offer!

              This all-in-one pack is suitable for both new and experienced CBD users, as well as as a gift for friends and family. Each product contains a healthy dosage of CBD in each quantity and is simple to take on a daily basis so you can start feeling the benefits straight out of the box.

All-in-one starter kit, perfect for anyone starting their CBD journey or looking to try new CBD products

Experience the different benefits of eating, inhaling and absorbing CBD

4200mg of CBD combined in one bundle and worth over $150 individually

Benefits  may include calming the mind, relaxing effects, improved sleep, and reduce feeling of pain