Tangerine G13


Tangerine G13

                 Who would not wish to introduce the incredible genetics of this award-winning cannabis strain into their grow room or garden? She is laden with 20% THC levels and features the genetics of both Indica and Sativa. Be ready for strong effects reminiscent of relaxation and comfort.

           It will be complemented by an uplifting feeling thanks to her Sativa genetics. Expect combinations of delicious and fruity flavors and aromas. Buy Tangerine G13 cannabis Exotic Cartel online.

      Bred by Exotic Cartel, Tangerine G13 has won awards for quality from consumers and growers alike. Designed to boost the beloved Tangerine, it crosses that euphoric and fruity strain with the potent indica powerhouse G13.

Expect tangerine terpenes with a fruity orange and citrus nose that’s soft and welcoming, with a high that starts off cerebral and ends up full-body.